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Clear Software is a New Generation Information Technology Company

Starting from a partnership of companies that are experts in Project Management, Product Lifecycle Management, full stack Software Development and Software Testing to deliver specific products the group has now grown and merged into one specialised New Generation Information Technology company. We now offer Products across a range of markets and IT Business solutions as well as software development services for a wide variety of clients across the globe.

Bringing together the experience, expertise and high quality standards of UK professionals in Project Management, Business Requirements analysis and Software Testing including early Requirements Testing and Test Driven development with the extensive resource pool of software development and testing professionals in India we provide the best of both worlds. High standard, high quality IT professionals at a very reasonable price with a "can-do, will-do" work ethic.

Product Solutions

Products that we have developed ourselves for various markets in partnership with industry experts. We continue to build our own product range which we will continue to offer. (See our products page for more information.) We are commercially open enough to consider various and mutually advantageous commercial deals. As long as the deal is good for all in the long term.

If you have an idea or need a system written where you would like to reclaim the cost then give us a call. Likewise, if you would like to be a reseller of any of our products then also give us a call. You lose nothing by having a chat.

Software Development

With expertise in full stack software development we develop business solutions from simple web sites to browser cloud based server systems linked to mobile applications on Android and Apple IOS platforms. Whilst we are adaptable and utilise approaches that suit our clients objectives, timescales and budgets this seems to come down to 3 main types. The first we adopt because we know that things change once a system is first seen so, we adopt an iterative, Agile like, approach that allows for a high degree of change in the Requirements and the Acceptance criteria. The second is more rigid where we use our extensive expertise in the full software lifecycle to "Test out" defined requirements at the earliest stage possible and only start cutting code when we have known and agreed acceptance criteria. The third, and the usual, is a hybrid approach. Requirements are specified to a high level and agreed to give a target model and then we get started with multiple feedback sessions to amend.

Our costs are kept low by using skilled resources in different global locations. Budgets are usually the driving factor and so if you have a Software Development project that you need help with then drop us an email. Talking costs nothing and we are friendly and funny folk.

Supplementing Your Development & Test Resources

Understanding that software development needs come in non-linear cycles with demand waves coming at different times of the year we offer a service solution that helps you overcome these challenges. We provide on-shore and off-shore resources to supplement your development and software test teams when they are needed, for how long they are needed. It could be to support a permanent team with a new development or to outsource a new development completely or to perform maintenance and DevOps activities to free up your permanent development resources so they can attack new projects. Our resources are extremely reasonably priced and have an experience and expertise in the full stack development and in early testing techniques.

They can be brought on-shore for a period of training before going back off-shore to support the actual work. Working within the UK, European or USA day working hours we can help even out these peaks and troughs of specialist resource demand. From 1 resource to whole teams we can help ease your burden and increase your productivity and help you retain key staff by ensuring they are always interested and working at the cutting edge by reducing the more mundane workloads. And we do it at a fraction of the price of your usual employee staff and contractor costs.

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Web Site Design

Get an Affordable Custom made Website to help you Engage and Convert more customers.

With today's markets being driven more and more by online transactions it is now more essential than ever to have an internet based shop window that stands out from the crowd. With a web site that is easy to navigate and use and with a design that draws people in you give your business an online presence and a competitive advantage with increased sales.

Give us a call and allow us to bid. We will take your ideas and quickly give you back a design concept and prototype that will allow you to make an informed decision without breaking the bank.

Digital Marketing

Getting the message out in an already cluttered digital space is the major battle.

We not only help you design and build your website but we can then substantially increase the traffic to your website through our digital marketing service. Our team of experts execute effective internet marketing solutions based on the targets you have set for your business.

With the ability to 100% customise our methods to your campaign requirements, we focus on a website promotion strategy for you and help you in maximising your Customer engagement so you can convert opportunties.

Asset Based Work Order System

A complete, sophisticated but easy to use Work Order and Job Tracking system incorporating Asset Management, Maintenance and Control as an integral part. Use it as a basic Job tracking system or utilise its full strength to manage Assets and complex maintenance cycles.

Configure the system for your own workflow and processes ensuring your own Control and Compliance. Lock the Work Order/Job if the time or costs are exceeded or the process not followed. Dynamic alerts controlled by configurable rules shows you the Work Orders/Jobs that are having issues to increase your focus and optimise your time. Map and Track workers location and whether they are on-site or off-site and synchronise the on-site times to the Job timesheets automatically. Validate your time spent and your costs to your Client so build trust. Map Work Order/Job locations showing status and warning alert status. Mobile worker App support for Apple IOS and Android Smart phones or tablets.

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Electronic and Automated Safe Method Work Statement / Risk Assessment Method Statement system that delivers, checks and audits the delivery and worker signature of the SWMS in real-time to ensure you stay legal and compliant. Protects the Company, the Directors, the Managers and the Client by ensuring compliance by tracking when the worker is on-site and ensuring the correct SWMS/RAMS are signed within a defined period. Holds signed SWMS/RAMS in an electronic database so you always have them to hand.

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Issue Management For Rental Properties

Tenant Web browser or App access to raise maintenance issues at their leased/rented property. Simplify property maintenance with automated tracking of repair requests, work orders, and scheduled jobs/tasks. Manage maintenance teams, assign tasks, and monitor progress in real time, ensuring timely issue resolution. Allow your tenants to report faults and then track them via an App or browser reducing the amount of time and cost that your staff have to spend handling issues.

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Smart Intelligent Survey System

Built originally to support Quality Assurance Audits and Quality Gates it was then extended to support any type of survey or inspection or assessment when it was enhanced for the surveying and assessments of buildings/property. Now the user can design and build their own survey and issue it to a target group or individuals satisfying whatever business need they have. Covering all question types and with enhanced flexibility the answers can be scored, searched and analysed. Automated background calculations can be setup against the answers and automated rules run based on the calculations or on the survey answers themselves. Reports can be produced fully automated with no manual intervention. Supported on the cloud and on mobile devices by Android and Apple IOS Apps the surveys/assessments can be stopped and restarted at any time.

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Keeping Your People Safe

Originally developed during and for the Covid crises it has a proven use in caring for and assisting in the health and well being of all staff who are working remotely. By having your staff complete a short ""Duty of Care"" assessment you start to collate information that allows you to detect problems and issues with your people before they happen. You decide what questions to ask and what information to gather. You then get signed proof that your employees/workers have completed your Risk Assessment, read the most up-to-date guidance and have been enabled and empowered to raise their concerns before they even start work. Hourly, daily, weekly or whatever schedule you decide upon. Turn useless data into value-add Business Intelligence whilst spotting potential business impacting problems before they become critical.

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Manufacturing ERP Software

Clear Software provides an effective means to improving productivity by removing inefficient practices, ensuring adherence to a manufacturing-plan, identification of bottlenecks and to keep things organized by ensuring processes are completed quickly and correctly.

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Customer Relationship Management

Harness the benefits of proven CRM concepts with the unparalleled features of Clear Software CRM. Establish a fail-proof process & system, in order to maximize profits, create long-term clients and add value to your products.

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Sales Force Automation

Clear Software SFA is a version of Clear ERP specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry. Sales Force Automation is a cloud based online system that covers the Management Information System for Pharmaceutical Company sales that boosts sales and enhances Business.

SFA helps in controlling and enhancing the sales of a pharmaceutical company and Is an established and reputed product for pharmaceutical industry.

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