Our Operating Target Model is to develop function and feature rich software solutions which are cost effective and very reasonably priced and to have those products sold through a network of distributers. As our products apply to multiple different vertical markets we cannot hope to have a knowledge in every area. We build products that can be customised easily and without code change and can be applied to different markets. This is where our Distributers come in. They have the knowledge and contacts to sell into the various vertical markets. Contacts and knowledge that we could never hope to have. We have created a number of products and continue to create new products for sale in the future and we look to our distributer network to sell on the products for us.


You get to promote and sell state-of-the-art, modern, sophisticated and functionally rich products to your client base whilst we take care of the demonstrations, support and maintenance.

We show you the costs for your individual client and those costs are paid first so that nobody is losing money. We then show you the profit margin and we then split that margin by the percentage amount that we have agreed upon. We start at 70/30 in our favour but this is negotiable depending on whether you have a unique Distributer agreement for a geographic area, are one of a few or have a strong, existing and established client base or your track record of sales is good.

Money is paid monthly. All you have to do is to win the business and then make sure that the Client remains happy and you get a monthly income that grows with the system usage.

To apply to become a distributer for any of our products Click Here to send us an email with your details and which products you are interested in and we shall get back in touch very quickly.