Clear Software provides the best Education ERP you need for totally automating & digitalize your entire campus. Clear Software Education ERP recognizes good e-governance through efficient system and transparency. The ERP system is easy to define, easy to use, fast to implement and delivers cost savings and efficiencies from day one. Clear Software Education ERP is a product that delivers the complete digital E-Education System. Do more with less and obtain the benefits:

Feature & Benefits
  • Extract student, faculty or Admin data from paper records and load them into the system
  • Obtain greater accuracy and immediate access for financial records such as salary, student fees, Purchase Orders and Invoices.
  • Reduce time spent on timetable scheduling and management administration
  • Easily track and coordinate and enhance information exchange between different departments and other educational institutions
  • Make standard and common tasks easy such as HR reviews, student reviews, collation of results and even salary calculations and pay runs.
  • Increase and enhance your information on up-to-date and error-free student and staff record maintenance.
  • Easily and quickly access old or historic records for trend analysis or other analysis.