Customer Relationship Management

Harness the benefits of proven CRM concepts with the unparalleled features of Clear Software CRM. Establish a fail-proof process & system, in order to maximize profits, create long-term clients and add value to your products.

Sales Staff
  • Know your customers better
  • Organize yourself and your activities
  • Get reminders by your systems
  • Get alerts by your system to act on circumstances
  • Quickly access and record information
  • Coordinate better with your agents and subordinates
Sales Manager
  • Control your sales-staff activities
  • Delegate work more efficiently
  • Set a clear sales process, even for new employees
  • Promote teamwork by creating structured teams
  • Set sales targets and follow up on them
Marketing Staff
  • Know your successful campaigns
  • Analyse your target groups better
  • Plan measures and ensure their effectiveness
  • Budget Campaigns and Channels
  • See real-time reports on your campaigns and leads
Customer Service Staff
  • See unresolved customer requests
  • Workow-based routing to specific department, roles or persons
  • Track time taken to resolve issues
  • Record billable items on tickets
  • See efficiency reports
Top Management
  • Know your forecasted sales and drill down to each opportunity
  • Control your sales regions and sales force
  • Get real-time reporting on sales ¬¨figures, sales funnel
  • See cost versus revenue analysis on real-time