Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry ERP software systems must have the capability to enable the chemical Industry to focus on their core abilities through the proficient utilization of capital and innovative product delivery techniques whilst additionally giving a strong base of data for key business decisions. The software requirements of companies for data, production and supply chain management in the chemical industry are as complex as the challenges they face. Regardless of whether you are presently re-assessing your current existing ERP application or have already made the decision to update it is imperative to concentrate on an ERP application that has a solid process and functional coverage that can focus and bolster your business rather than impacting it.

Clear Software ERP/CRM software for chemical industry is a functionally rich, workflow process driven system that covers start-to-finish product manufacturing and delivery. Clear Software ERP can provide you benefits whether you are starting small with the intention of scaling up growth or whether you are an existing global reach player.

Feature & Benefits
  • Manage multiple warehouses with one system
  • Constant real-time inventory control
  • Increase accuracy and reduce customer complaints
  • Check order-status real-time
  • Increased Warehouse Productivity
  • Reduced Warehouse Labor Overhead
  • Easily integrated with automatic identification & data capture technology such as bar code scanners, & RFID
  • Material Management
  • Tightly integrated with a comprehensive ERP & CRM