New and Future Technologies

Advancement in development Frameworks has enabled us to utilise Blazor to standardise on a common look and feel across all our developments. The use of a common payment utility has allowed us to ensure that payment services are correctly implemented on all required products and the use of other common utilities, such as Google Maps which allows us to map and track mobile devices to within metres thereby allowing for warning/alerting to be implemented. Standardised Workflow and Business Rules engines which we can include from our own developed libraries allow us to develop faster, with lower cost and to greater quality than ever before.

We are always pushing forward and are constantly looking at Research & Development and Innovation to see what is new, what we can learn and how it can be applied to our custom built solutions.

Our Quality Assurance and Software Testing techniques ensures that we test early and automate as much as we can so we stop the re-introduction of error on change for which we have no fear because of the test automation.